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Facts behind the figures

Commissioned research shows there are unique strengths and advantages in the FarOut economy.

Live, work or invest FarOut – RAPAD-commissioned research highlights the opportunities. The research benchmarks the Central West’s key economic metrics against Queensland as a whole and selected regions. From commute times to childcare costs, investment and employment opportunities – the facts behind the figures show just how much is on offer.


Total Gross Regional Product

Per Capita, GRP in the region comes in at $79,042, more than the $78,790 for Queensland as a whole.


Unemployment Rate

There are plenty of jobs and plenty of people working. CWQ unemployment compares with the statewide average of 5.9%.


Jobs projected in CWQ in 2024

Jobs growth in region is projected to be strongest in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector.


Asking rent per week

The region’s affordable rental market compares with Brisbane’s where median rents are $445 per week.

FarOut! Download the report

Are you interested in learning more? Download the full RAPAD region economic benchmarking and promotion report.

Small classes

Small classes

Class sizes in CWQ are smaller than across the states – 95% of local primary schools have classes that are smaller than state targets. On the Sunshine Coast it’s only 69%.

1min commute

1min commute

This short commute compares with the average Brisbane commute time of nearly 1 hour.



The median house price in the CWQ compares with $607,969 in Brisbane and $770,000 on the Sunshine Coast.



Estimated average weekly centre-based childcare costs in CWQ, before any government subsidies. This compares with an estimated $299 per week in Brisbane.



Estimated average monthly income in CWQ. It’s more than on the Sunshine Coast and in Toowoomba and not far off estimated incomes in Townsville.



Average rental yield in CWQ compares with the 3.8 per cent on offer in Brisbane.


So we’re all agreed Far Out there’s a great lifestyle waiting for you but what about a job? Don’t worry there are plenty, right through here.


So now you know, there’s a great opportunity waiting for you Far Out, want to know what it’s like to live there? After all, what’s the use of a great job if the lifestyle is no good?