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Easy entrepreneurship

Far Out! Easy entrepreneurship

Liz Baillie couldn’t just walk into a shop and buy curtains for her son’s bedroom like you could if you lived in the city, so she bought fabric online and made them. With the leftover scraps, she made a pair of matching shorts. Who knew where it would lead.

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Unemployment rate FarOut

The unemployment rate in the RAPAD region of central western Qld is lower than the rest of the state. More than half of all residents out here are employed.


Unemployment rate Queensland

According to independent data gathered by the Regional Australia Institute, the unemployment rate for Queensland is almost double that of the central west.



The largest employment industry in the central west is agriculture, forestry and fisheries. However the predominent agricultural products are beef cattle, meat and wool sheep and goats.


Public Administration

Prefer a job indoors? the second highest employment sector in the region is public administration and safety.


New hires

On average local employers are seeking to hire 2.7 new staff members. A significant majority of those seeking staff identify the need as being critical.


Agriculture, forestry & fishing

In the agriculture space, forestry and fishing industries, there is the greatest demand for staff.


Avg. monthly income

Estimated average monthly income in CWQ. It’s more than on the Sunshine Coast and in Toowoomba and not far off estimated incomes in Townsville.


Projected employment

Total employment is projected to be 5608 in 2024, with Health Care and Social Assistance experiencing the greatest increase, followed by Education and Training and Public Administration.

Far Out!
Justin Kronk

Growing opportunities

Justin Kronk

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Liz Baillie

Easy entrepreneurship

Liz Baillie

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Andrew Pearce

Land of plenty of opportunity

Andrew Pearce

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Age moved in

Of all the people who moved into the region, those in the 25-29 years age bracket made up the largest group, followed by the 20-24 age bracket.


Commute time

This short commute compares with the average Brisbane commute time of nearly 1 hour.

FarOut! Why make the move?

Home like you’ve never imagined it. Find out who else made the central west home and why they’re not planning on moving back to the coast any time soon.


So now you know, there’s a great opportunity waiting for you Far Out, want to know what it’s like to live there? After all, what’s the use of a great job if the lifestyle is no good?


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