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Dream job in an unexpected location

The full package

We know it’s possible to come FarOut and get a pay rise, a promotion, have more time for professional development or study, learn more skills on the job, and make a diverse and strong network by taking your career to the central west. If you spend a few years out here you won’t miss out and you’ll return (if you still want to) back to head office much further up the ladder than those who stayed behind. But don’t take our word for it meet some people where this is their reality.

Andrew Pearce

Far Out! Andrew Pearce

This qualified tradesman decided to see if starting his own workshop while raising a young family was more do-able FarOut.  Now he has four apprentices and an enviable lifestyle.

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Jenna Brook

Far Out! Jenna Brook

Jenna Brook bought the Birdsville Roadhouse and then COVID hit. Despite her businesses’ need for tourists she has managed to emerge from lock down and grow the business.

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Trish Sloan

Far Out! Trish Sloan

Qualification needed for managing and indentifying dinosaur bones – child care?  Former childcare worker Trish Sloan has built the most amazing, rare career.  Her secret, being open to the challenge and living in Winton.

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Liz Baillie

Far Out! Liz Baillie

You dream it, it’s possible. This school teacher aide took the leap to open a sewing and design business while keeping a flexible and relaxed family life.

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Cheryl Thompson

Far Out! Cheryl Thompson

Traditional owner Cheryl Thompson returned to her country and has invested in several businesses. She is making the most of the untapped opportunity as well as the environment and culture to build a solid portfolio and genuine connected life.

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Sarmad Habib

Far Out! Sarmad Habib

Sarmad Habib was building a career in Brisbane when a friend called to ask if he’d be interested in working far out, just for a short time. He agreed to come for one year, four years later he is still working in the central west and is no longer planning an exit strategy.

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Clif and Mel Baird

Far Out! Clif and Mel Baird

It was the aim of promotion that brought the Baird family to the central west but their quality of life is what got the major boost.

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