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Why make the move?

Welcome home sooner

Moving FarOut! has many benefits but let’s cut through the waffle the main ones are money and time. Affordable housing, low rents, commutes that won’t take a long as your favourite song.

More time

Far Out! More time

How would you like to live a kilometre from work, the shops, the gym and the kid’s school? When you live FarOut! even though it seems a long way from anywhere all the places you need are very close. The average distance our residents live from work is 1km. Team that with no peak hour, parking at the front door if you choose to drive, quiet safe streets for cycling or walking and you’ll be surprised how much of your life you get back by living FarOut.

I know it’s hard to get your head around if you’ve been losing between an hour and an hour and a half of your life each day in traffic but you can find out more in this report from the Regional Australia Institute.

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Monthly mortgage repayment


Incomes to comfortably service a mortgage


Asking rent per week

The region’s affordable rental market compares with Brisbane’s where median rents are $445 per week.


Smaller class sizes

Class sizes in CWQ are smaller than across the states – 95% of local primary schools have classes that are smaller than state targets.

Save or settle? Your choice

Far Out! Save or settle? Your choice

If you thought homeownership was out of your reach, think again. Consider FarOut! where the median house price is a smidge over $250, 000. If you traded your life on the coast or in the city your mortgage is likely to be half of what you’d pay in Toowoomba a third of what you’d pay in Brisbane and half a million less than on the Sunshine Coast. Apart from the ease in getting into the market it also means either more money in your pocket once you’ve made your monthly repayments or paying off a home decades earlier, freedom and capital much sooner.

But no pressure to commit to an asset in a small community. It’s still way more affordable to live FarOut! If renting and saving is the aim of the game the median rents in the central west are also significantly lower than the $440 you’d expect to pay in Brisbane or the $550 on the Sunshine Coast. A home a block from the town centres starts at $295 per week and its even cheaper in the smaller communities.

But don’t just take our word for it, find out the facts yourself by checking out the Regional Australia Institute’s report on central western Queensland.

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What’s the median house price?

The median house price for the RAPAD region is $252,500. And that’s a 2021 statistic not from 1990. The same figure for Brisbane is $607,969, the Sunshine Coast is higher at $770,000, while Toowoomba is $421,501, and Townsville’s market is sitting at $339,000.

What’s the average income?

The average income for a person working in central west Queensland is $5,147, which is better coin than on the Sunny Coast where it’s $4,958, or Toowoomba where the ABS has calculated it to be $5,056.

When’s traffic peak hour?

I know there is so such thing as a dumb question but are you seriously asking this? There is no such thing as peak hour, in the bigger towns it’s possible you won’t get a park out the front of your favourite coffee shop on a Saturday morning, and the streets around schools are buzzing with kids riding their bikes and being picked up at 3 pm but that lasts for about 10 mins max.

Average commute to work or school?

If you decide to drive to work rather than walk, the Regional Australia Institute has worked out on average the commuting distance from usual place of residence to work in the central west is 1km.