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Benefits of living in CWQ

Why moving FarOut! could be the best thing you do

When most people think about life FarOut! It’s the distance, the heat, and the landscape they think of. They don’t think about it long enough to see the opportunity to get ahead in your career or financially or both. They don’t realise there is more time and family you never knew you had waiting for you. And they never consider how they could live their life differently and learn what they are capable if they simply took a chance. Here are just a few ways life in central west Queensland has benefited people who gave it a go.

Affordable housing

Far Out! Affordable housing

Whether it’s your dream to own your own home or you just want to give less to your landlord. Housing in central western Queensland is significantly cheaper for both renters and homeowners than in regional centres, cities and on the coast. This is probably not surprising but have you considered how much better your bottom line would be if you even just spent a year or two FarOut? You’re likely to get a lot more space for your money and many jobs particularly in the smaller communities housing is part of the package.

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Opportunity to progress your career

Far Out! Opportunity to progress your career

While you are building your career it might seem like a bad move to leave headquarters and go to a smaller location but we know the opposite is true. People who relocate for a period of time to the central west for work are often given more responsibility in their roles, develop a broader skills base, can use time not spent commuting on professional development and grow broader networks within their industry and across sectors much faster.

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More time for the things that matter

Far Out! More time for the things that matter

What would you do with more time? Have you ever considered what you would do if everything for your day to day life was in walking distance? Your work, school, supermarket, coffee shop, club, gym, park all just a few minutes away. This is the reality of life in small towns. Would you exercise, take up that hobby, study, play with the kids, make more time for friends or take some time to contribute to the community. Think about it, this is what one family did.

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Ever thought about starting a new business or trying something new? With very low commercial rent, supportive local customers, connectivity to the rest of the world, and enviable word of mouth advertising perhaps the perfect place to start is FarOut!

Working in CWQ

If you’re starting to see what life could be like but are concerned about how you’d make a living have a look through our work FarOut! section.