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The people of CWQ

Real people real stories

After reading the brochure do you ever find yourself asking “yes sounds great but what’s it really like?” Here are the true stories of real people who have made the move to the central west, unscripted, not coached and definitely not models.

Sarmad Habib

Far Out! Sarmad Habib

Sarmad Habib agreed to come to the region for a short period of time to give his career a boost. But the move has given him more than just a career boost, it’s given him an Australian community he feels part of, time to play sport, and build his skills. He stopped planning an exit strategy several years ago.

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Clif and Mel Baird

Far Out! Clif and Mel Baird

This family slashed their commute from an hour and a half a day, to less than 10 minutes. This meant they have so much more time to spend together and build important relationships. They intended to come for a few years but are now planning to retire FarOut!

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Alina Hart

Far Out! Alina Hart

The gorgeous Alina Hart found friends who are now family, bought a beautiful house and is doing things she would never have dreamed of. She is really keen for you to give life FarOut a crack. It’s the best decision she could have made.

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Liz Baillie

Far Out! Liz Baillie

You dream it, it’s possible. This school teacher aide took the leap to open a sewing and design business while keeping a flexible and relaxed family life.

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Andrew Pearce

Far Out! Andrew Pearce

This qualified tradesman decided to see if starting his own workshop while raising a young family was more do-able FarOut. Now he has four apprentices and an enviable lifestyle.

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Trish Sloan

Far Out! Trish Sloan

Qualification needed for managing and indentifying dinosaur bones – child care?  Former childcare worker Trish Sloan has built the most amazing, rare career.  Her secret, being open to the challenge and living in Winton.

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