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So how FarOut! exactly?

Same same but also different

Even though our centres share many things in common, each community has its own personality and style. And if the truth be told there quite a bit of healthy rivalry between them. So before you confuse Barcaldine with Boulia, or Blackall with Birdsville we’ve got some pointers for you.


Far Out! Barcaldine

The Barcaldine Regional Council includes the towns of Barcaldine, Muttaburra, Aramac, Alpha and Jericho.

It’s the birth place of the Australian Labor Party, includes the geographic centre of Queensland and has a 200km public art project called Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail.

The region supports agriculture, services, tourism and a burgeoning renewable energy sector.

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Far Out! Barcoo

This shire council is made up of three small towns, Windorah, Jundah and Stonehenge.

This is where you can start to get a taste of the vastness of the Australian outback, close knit communities, less services and greater distances.

It’s where you can sit on the banks of the pristine Barcoo River, climb a red sand dune at sunset and people have time for each other.

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Blackall Tambo

Far Out! Blackall Tambo

Ever heard of the black stump? It’s a guide for when something is FarOut! or outback.  You’ll find the black stump in Blackall and plenty more.

One of the greatest myths is that there isn’t much beyond the black stump but you’ll find there is so much opportunity for a better life, work and investment.

The Blackall Tambo Regional Council is made up by the townships of Blackall and Tambo.

Well known as great wool growing country and home to quality children’s’ toy manufacturer Tambo Teddies.

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Far Out! Boulia

Boulia township 250 kms from the Northern Territory boarder is the head quarters for the Boulia Shire Council.

This remote region also includes the tiny community of  Urandangi.

This region boasts huge organic beef industry, the Georgina River and the first 3D pedestrian crossing in Australia.

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Far Out! Diamantina

One of Australia’s most famous outback towns is found in the Diamantina Shire – Birdsville.

The notorious town’s races have long been on the bucket list for adventurers, sunonomus with having made it FarOut.

But the former ghost town of Betoota (yes it’s a real place not just a satirical news service), and township of Bedourie won’t be over shadowed.

Tourism, and organic beef are the biggest industries in this region.

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Far Out! Longreach

Birth place of Qantas and home of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach is the biggest little town in the west.

HQ for the regional council, Longreach is a central location in the region for medical and government services, and daily flights to Brisbane.

The Longreach region also includes the towns of Ilfracombe, Isisford and Yaraka.

Key industries include agriculture, tourism and services.

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Far Out! Winton

Lights, camera, action the Winton Shire is home to the most recognisable landscape in western Queensland thanks to its long association with the film industry.

The township is also making a name for itself as the dinosaur capital of Australia because of the fossils found and displayed in the region.

The communities of Middleton and Opalton are also part of the Winton Shire.

Top industries are tourism, agriculture, film and mining.

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