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Winton superfast internet

The Central West is actively seeking to be a leader in remote-area telecommunication and digital infrastructure.

Digital disruption occurring in every industry and locality around the world. While it is destroying some industries and business models, it is bringing opportunity to businesses and communities, shrinking vast distances, and enabling better services.

One example of tech innovation in the region is Taipan Networx’s project to lay cable for superfast internet in Winton. This high speed internet will provide customers with 1000 MB up and down, some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. With council buildings and the main street already connected, it is now being rolled out throughout the rest of the community. Combine this world leading technology with a council that is welcoming to business and keen to help people set up in town, and you have a recipe for success.

Superfast internet is enabling local businesses – existing and emerging – to:

  • Access symmetrical upload-download speeds that are equivalent to metro markets,
  • Set-up and use metro ethernet connectivity, and
  • Migrate their operations to the cloud – to access the reliability and flexibility offered by the platform.

There is also an opportunity to support increased use of cloud computing in industries with low uptake, such as agriculture and tourism.

While regions have limited control over the global economy, they can influence their level of participation and speed of reaction. The challenge for regional enterprises and their supporting communities is to identify their emerging advantages amongst this disruption and proactively develop strategies that engage with these external demands.

The Winton Shire Council is an example of a local organisation making use of metro ethernet services for its many employees spread over multiple locations – a model of IT service provision that can be replicated for other organisations and businesses in the town.

So you could move your business to Winton, a small business in outback Queensland, and have some of the fastest internet in the world. If you have a great idea and it doesn’t have to be in the city central western Queensland is the place to do it.

Fore more information contact RAPAD.

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