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Connecting Australia: Boulia Transport Hub

Boulia is a transport and tourism gateway between the Northern Territory and Queensland – with 50 heavy vehicles passing through Boulia each day and 36,700 tourists overnighting in town each year.

Importantly, Boulia sits at the intersection of the Donohue and Plenty Highways, a key juncture on the Outback Way, the 2,700km route connecting Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in Queensland, via Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

The Outback Way is currently being sealed, opening a new and accessible trans-continental route across Australia. Sealing the route will link two of Australia’s largest mining regions in Western Australia and Queensland; open up alternate livestock markets and transport times; provide access to essential goods and services, and training and employment opportunities for Indigenous communities along the route; and increase tourist access.

1,400km of the route has been sealed and the current funding commitments by Federal and State Governments will seal the next 400kms. It is intended that the final 900kms will be sealed by 2030. The Queensland component of the Outback Way is nearing completion, with the final 87km expected to be sealed by 2025-26.

To capitalise on increasing numbers of freight and tourist vehicles along the Outback Way, the Boulia Shire Council has developed the Boulia Industrial Estate adjacent to the Boulia-Mt Isa Highway. The estate includes 11-1 hectare blocks and will provide layover facilities and service opportunities. The estate will offer opportunities for long-haul transport operators to set-up new hubs for their businesses, fuel stores and vehicle servicing, and for the development of ancillary transport services in the region. It is expected to be completed by September 2021.

The completion of the Outback Way and the industrial estate will also go hand in hand with the certification of Boulia’s organic spelling yards, which opened in May 2020. This yard provides spelling facilities for organic cattle moving between Alice Springs and Charleville, Queensland.

Further, the Boulia Shire Council is also developing a new residential estate in town to support population growth and industrial development. Stage 1 of the project will provide 10 house blocks.

For more information on opportunities in Boulia, please contact RAPAD.

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