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Working in Central West QLD

Career and job opportunities as far the eye can see!

With varying responsibilities, different organisational structures to the city, and new opportunities, working in Central West Queensland can help you shorten your career ladder, learn on the job, or help you discover new ways of working.

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Far Out! Small town, big job

When Justin Kronk accepted the Corporate Service Manager position at the Barcoo Shire Council it came with more responsibility, more diversity and the option to study while working.

Rather than finding the step up in the role and added tertiary study load challenging, he’s found he’s got more time, is less stressed, and now gets to have dinner with his family every night – something that didn’t happen in his life before he moved far out.

Opportunities like Justin’s can be found from the smallest towns to Longreach and Barcaldine.

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CWQ benefits

There’s a lot to consider when moving to the central west, but we’ve got a lot to offer to help you make your decision.

Plenty of work

Plenty of work

Low unemployment rates and high demand creates lots of opportunities for people seeking work across most industries – trades, retail, health, government, and much more!

Almost no commute

Almost no commute

Take up a new hobby, spend some quality family time, or just sit back and relax with a 1 minute commute to work – what could you do with the time you’re currently spent sitting in traffic?

Save money

Save money

With less commute expenses, far cheaper housing, and affordable living expenses – working and living in CWQ means you can save lots in a short amount of time.

Housing options

Housing options

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, or renovate, you’d be surprised at the variety of homes you can find when you move out here to work.

Community engagement

Community engagement

The CWQ communities are the lifeblood of businesses and organisations in the region, you will meet all walks of life as you work amongst and with them.

Plenty to learn

Plenty to learn

Jobs out here mean more autonomy with your career, you get to learn and progress faster than anywhere else.

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FarOut! Looking for a job?

Use our jobs board to search for opportunities in your industry or field of work. If you can’t find a job you’re looking for – that doesn’t mean we don’t need you, make sure to get in touch with us using the form below and we can chat to you about opportunities that might not be listed here.

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Far Out! Land of plenty of opportunity

Mechanic and new father, Andrew Pearce had a decision to make. Stay in Townsville and make the transition from working in town to shift work in the mines, while wife Leisa stays home with their new baby, living separate lives away from each other. Or take a risk, move back to their home town of Barcaldine and start their own business.

He found working in a trade out west means getting a huge variety, being able to do things your own way, getting a broad skills base, and that there is never a dull day.

The region has supported their business aspirations in a way they don’t believe would happen in a larger centre.

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The towns that make up CWQ

Far Out! The towns that make up CWQ

Even though our centres share many things in common, each community has its own personality and style. And if the truth be told there quite a bit of healthy rivalry between them. So before you confuse Barcaldine with Boulia, or Blackall with Birdsville we’ve got some pointers for you.

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We’re ready to have a chat, or to give you any info you may need about working in the central west. Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch, or give us a call on 0448 739 759. We’re a laid back bunch and ready for a yarn.

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